Prescribing data for lymphoedema and leg ulcer garments

Compression garments and accessories are used to manage the symtoms of lymphoedema, which is estimated to affect approximately 200,000 people in the UK.

20 manufacturers with over 140 brands between them operate in this sector, covering upper and lower body compression therapy. GPrX sorts the market into upper and lower body, custom fit / made-to-measure products, circular or flat knit, wraps, elastic compression hosiery, venous ulcer compression systems, and donning accessories.

GPrX captures data from every UK primary care prescribing location, covering all community prescribing.

Our clients quickly access sales data for the exact product types and brands they want to measure, and get detailed prescribing intelligence for better-informed conversations with their NHS customers.

The RxIndex trackers below give high-level snapshots of brand performance.


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More on lymphoedema from GPrX

Please see below for reports relevant to lymphoedema.

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