GPrX Impact

Fully-hosted Budget Impact Models to deliver your case for change.

Live, hassle-free Budget Impact Models.

Our fully-hosted Impact models help you deliver your case for change to NHS customers.

Many organisations face challenges getting their sales teams using a uniform, approved, and up-to-date impact model that they can share with customers. Spreadsheets just don’t cut it any more.

In a resource-stretched NHS, it’s critical that your team can deliver your message smoothly and efficiently, using up-to-date data that’s relevant to the customer.

GPrX’s bespoke models let your team make the case in a couple of clicks.

And whether presenting face-to-face or remotely, they can easily create and share approved leave-pieces with the customer to follow up.

We create anything from simple cost-saving calculators based on price, to more complex presentations factoring in HCP costs, differences in dosing requirements, improvements in adherence, or long-term patient outcomes.

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Demonstrates the impact of your proposition to any ICS, CCG, PCN, Cluster or Practice.

Tailored to your product

From simple Cost-Savings Calculators to bespoke Budget Impact presentations.

Live & maintained

Our models use the NHS's latest pricing and prescribing data, and keep up to date with NHS organisational changes.


Shows your team the NHS organisations where your product has the biggest potential impact.


One-time Regulatory Approval. We include job codes, Prescribing Information and KAMs' contact details in easy-to-create leave-pieces.


Include your approved sales material, maps and charts to help make the case for change.

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